Quality Comparison

At present, the growth of sea cucumbers in the world can be divided into three types:

Cultivation in container:

As the name implies, sea cucumber seedlings are put into aquaculture tanks and then immersed in seawater for cultivation. High culture density comes with high incidence rate. In order to avoid the reduction caused by diseases, antibiotics and insecticides are added to feed the sea cucumbers. Some merchants also add a lot of sugar or salt, to increase the weight of the products. Such events have been exposed by major media.

Inshore cultivation:

This is the so-called “wild” sea cucumbers that we currently buy in the market. Sea cucumber seedlings are cultivated in fixed sea areas. After a period of six months to one year, they send divers to catch them. The price of sea cucumbers cultured in this way in the market is between 5,000 and 10,000 RMB, which is highly recommended by merchants. However, this kind of sea cucumber seedlings is generally used during the cultivation process. In order to increase production, farmers apply feed in the fixed sea areas, which cause water pollution. All these have a direct impact on the quality of sea cucumbers.


SEACOO Atlantic sea cucumbers are true wild catch. They reproduce and grow in “zero-pollution” areas where there is no human intervention during the whole Life history. They grow slowly because of the cold environment and that they only feed on submarine algae and microbes.

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